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Provincetown Photo Shoot

 46 Shank  Painter Road


Shank Painter Road

Master Bedroom View

Recently I made a day trip to got to Provincetown. My friend/mentor/former manager Jon Goode called me up and asked if I would consider coming out to the Cape and take some pictures of his new listing he had on Shank Painter Road. It, was a no-brainer as well as a new adventure since I usually take photos in the Boston area. I took the ferry on a foggy day and made my trek out to see some new homes and photograph something different that doesn’t exist in the downtown Boston area.

In Boston, 1.2 Million can get you a really nice lower Duplex in the South End or about 1100-1500sf in the Back Bay, but in Provincetown, it gets you your very own oasis on conservation land surrounded by birds and nature. I don’t know P-town well, but Shank Painter Rd. seems to be a main street and you would never know this amazing land sits right behind this home.

The weather that day was pretty bad, but the skies cleared up for about 15 min and I was lucky to snap a few good ones. I had a great time going here and can’t wait to go back and see some more homes. Below are the pics of the property and you can see the formal listing here.


Be sure to check out my friend Jon Goode’s Blog here. He also writes about Boston real estate and the Cape.

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